Saturday, November 22, 2008

Weekend before Thanksgiving

I am beginning a new chapter or reclaiming an old one. I am going back to substitute teaching. There is an ideal job out there that I would love and I read a post about it this last week. A woman, a teacher, I know from another list, was hired to teach Native American youths, troubled youths. She states that another part of her dream is to, "start a school for kids that are homeless and in need of intervention, especially education." She wants to offer them hope and a future. However, right now, she begins this new job. Seattle is too far for me to commute, but I wonder, if with all the tribes here, if it is possible to find something similar. Working with teens is my favorite age to teach. I am looking forward to being back in the classroom again. I love teaching.

Meanwhile, I am no longer driving RR crews. I enjoyed this job because I like to drive and I am good at it. The crews loved me and it was a pleasure to work around them. However, there was a distinct lack of respect from my boss. It was my expectation that I would receive some praise for going the extra mile or hours, giving up any semblance of a personal life with friends and family. However, it would have been nice to recive some positive feedback, have days off, completely off, without a phone call on those days, and feel value. This job demanded all my time, not just the six to six, twelve hour shift, but agreeing to working earlier hours and working later hours, even when that was supposed to be my day off. So, I turned in the van keys, sent in all my paperwork and emailed that when she had time to listen to some issues that I felt needed to be discussed that I would not work. I stated that I was not quitting, but would wait for her to get in touch with me. It is my belief that she will not do this. She is not a good communicator, especially not a good listener, and needs learn some management skills.

So, this weekend, I am thankful for all that God has blessed me with, a new beginning, and a renewing of my old life teaching. I am thankful for friends and family and how much they support me, and most of all love me. If you are reading this, then this means you!

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