Thursday, November 20, 2008

I am still learning this blogging thing. I want to post some photos of quilts. So I need to play around to figure things out. Ah I found a way to post a photo of a quilt that my grandson helped to make. He is seven years old. I took him to my Featherweight Club. On this day, we were making blocks for our American Heros wounded in the service of their country and one of the blocks in this quilt is one he did.
It is a good thing to teach our children to honor our military and I am so glad that he contributed to this quilt.
It is an easy quilt to make, just flip an sew. Cut the blocks to a uniform size, sash, sandwich, and quilt.
It is late at night. I have not been called out to work. I work as a driver driving railroad crews to and from their trains. I work nights. This is difficult and hard on my body. I listed myself as an educator, which I am, a teacher. I will probably go back to teaching and leave the driving to others. It is very stressful, long hours, and my boss and I do not communicate well.


NurseBrandy said...

Sweet quilt!

And... you're planning to quit your job....? Do you know when?

You're in my thoughts!



glassidentities said...

Beautiful quilt :)

brizjai said...

Hi Kristina -- I would love to see more of your quilts. I am a newbie, just finished my first full size quilt top today.

~Kris M. from NWR