Saturday, November 22, 2008

Today is Saturday and the weekend before Thanksgiving. As I sit here, I think of all the people that I am very thankful for in my life and the journey through which life has taken me.
This weekend also marks the end of one kind of employment. I was driving railroad crews or I think it is the end.
I liked this job because I like to drive and I am good at it. I also like it because I like the people I drove. They were kind and considerate and a lot of fun. I will miss them.
However, the downside of the job is the night driving, the expectation that I will drive before my shift begins and work long after it is supposed to be over. It was from six pm to six am, but often began before that or ended after, making for a long day and a rule of mine is not to drive when I am fatigued. I offered to work those hours if, IF, I could have days off to play, but that never happened. The loss of any personal life, having the grandchildren come to stay, outings with friends or attending Church, any personal life was not possible.
Another downside was the lack of respect and the calls to my home on my days off. This is why I emailed her to tell her that the keys were secured, the van emptied of all personal items, and the paperwork would be sent to her. So, I am left with feeling of relief. I have been catching up on sleep and really enjoying time to relax.
I will begin substitute teaching again and I am looking forward to that.
Meanwhile, my daughter, Jeanne, called. Her dream is to go back to school, get her Master degree in Teaching and endorsemensts in Speical Education for learning dissabilities, reading and teach math. She has been told that she would be 100% hirable. She has small children at home now, so working part-time sounds like her first choice. To be eligible for the program, she must pass her GRE, and acquire 60 volunteer hours in a special needs classroom. She will be contacting the school district nearest to her.
I have been asked to baby-sit the kids. If she gets into the program, she will start in January. She has so much to do. I hope they will let her volunteer while she is waiting for her fingerprints to be done and a background check.

I am so excited for her.

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