Friday, November 7, 2008

November 7, 2008

Today is the first day of blogging. I just set up the account. Now I need to find something worth saying. Well, maybe a bit about me, since this is my blog.

I am a mother of four wonderful children: Jeanne, Brian, Karin and Dan. Jeanne is married to Jason and they have three children: Colton, Hayden and Andrew.

I think beginning with who defines me, like my GK's, is the most important aspect of my blog and I am sure that future entries will be full of references and antidotes.

I am no longer married. I was married for thirty years, but no longer for the last ten years. So, my life underwent changes and is still evolving.

Next in importance are my friends of whom there are many and I am blessed to have them. Besides my family, friends are my most important Earthly companions.

Yes, there is a Heavenly companion too, but I a private about my faith and not much into organized religion.

Another Earthly companion is my GSD, Xenta. She is a red and black nearly five years old now. We are bound together in ways that astound me, her being very devoted and protective.

Currently, I work for a company that provides transport for train crews. I work nights and some nights are long and intense. I have worked as much as 85 hours in six days or as little as 35 in seven, with three nights in a row off. This week is one of the more intense. So, look for posts about my job.

Well, to find a photo of me to place here. I hope if you are visiting, you might leave a message or two.


QltnRobin said...

Hey Kristina!
Nice to see you have started a blog! Go see mine whenever you have a bit of time :)


Kristina said...

I am trying to figure out how to add links to other blogs.